A Growing Trend?

I need some help with this. We were at a sort of upscale restaurant last night and something I have noticed over the last year really came to the forefront.

What’s up with all these Olive Oyl armed chicks? I’m not talking wax paper thin women. I’d expect coaxial cable arms from them. I’m talking otherwise proportionate females.

Slender wrists up to the shoulders. Arms I’m shocked bend because I didn’t think they had biceps. Arms so bereft of definition it takes both hands to hoist their Candy Cane Martini.

Is it due to the fact men these days are so weak and ‘metrosexual’ the only women they can impress with their manliness are those who can’t lift their arm if they’re wearing more than one ring and two layers of fingernail polish?

“Here,” he says moving in to save the day. “Let me open that bag of peanuts for you!”

I can see the next big growth industry being door to door window openers and grocery carriers.

I’m not even going to talk about guys who could put in air conditioners or open jars.

Those guys would be super heroes.


2 responses to “A Growing Trend?

  1. I dunno, man, but I’m familiar. We’ve had a couple of student workers in my office that my forearms are bigger than their biceps. At least two of them I’ve done a direct, side by side comparison thereof.

  2. Today’s nail polishes, especially the green shades, are full of depleted uranium. Very heavy. What’s a goil to do?

    YOU need help? What about my bag of nuts? Advice: Avoid “upscale” restaurants.

    Jeez, I though Michelle Obama was on this case.

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