“A Parenting Story”

If you’re in the greater Boston area on the 17th I’d suggest you get on over to the Spiegel Auditorium in Harvard Square to check out the one man show, “A Parenting Story”, by Boston comedy legend, Bill Campbell.

I could say many great things about Bill and his show but I’m sure you’d like to hear from those with a tad more credibility.

“Unique brand of storyteller”
– Boston Globe
“Delightful view of parenthood”
– Dallas Morning News
“Funny & Touching”
– Minneapolis Fringe Festival

I can say “A Parenting Story” is a ninety minute parenting roller coaster ride that takes you from babies to grandparenting. You’ll find yourself laughing one minute and wiping a tear the next as this Ding Ho veteran comic shares his experiences raising three children while pursuing a comedy career.

So mark your calendar to enjoy a special evening made even more special with Bill’s special guest, Bob Gautreau.

Saturday Oct. 17th 8:00 pm
Spiegel Auditorium – Harvard Square
56 Brattle Street, Cambridge
Tix: $15.00
Reservations / Info: 978.884.8182



4 responses to ““A Parenting Story”

  1. I was in the phone store the other day with my daughter, (who didn’t need, but wanted a new phone because her old phone no longer satisfied her status-seeking sensibilities!)

    And there was a woman with two children shopping for a new phone; one child loose and on foot, the other seat-belted in a stroller. The restrained one was hooting and hollering at he top of its lungs, loud enough that I was wincing from across the cavernous reaches of this place, and the mother ignored it and continued her browsing/shopping without any reaction. Another couple near me made faces and I overheard the woman say to her companion, “I just want to go over there and smack that kid so he shuts up!”

    I butted in and said “Obviously you are not a parent. What we should do is go over there and smack the mother until she pays some attention to him and then he will shut up.”

    Kind of like two birds with one stone.

  2. You have taught me well, Master.

  3. Do your homework in preparation for the show.


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