Shocking News

In a book coming out Tuesday, Frozen: My Journey into the World of Cryonics, Deception, and Death by Larry Johnson (a former executive at Alcor Life Extension) and Scott Baldyaga (a former resident of West Springfield, Massachusetts who has worked as a musician in Kingston, Jamaica) says the frozen head of hall of fame baseball player Ted Williams was,

“. . .used for batting practice by a technician. . .”

I know! Shocking! Who knew science geeks took batting practice.

But it’s obvious they know little about sports. Even a casual sports fan knows a frozen head is best used as a curling stone.


One response to “Shocking News

  1. see, that’s where these geeks missed out on a perfect opportunity. They could’ve used Ted’s head for PITCHING practice, not batting.

    How’dja like to throw a little chin music past the last .400 hitter? Brushback the great Ted Williams and live to tell about it? Try out your forkball on Ted’s head! Ooops, did that one slip? Well, try the slider instead!

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