Mind Reader

“Well, you should have known I’d want it.”

Was the response I got when I told them the thing they were interested in was gone.

I made calls, attempted to nudge them into action, I did everything I could until time wore out.

“I can’t believe it. You should have known.”

“Why should I have known? Because you returned my calls and emails? Because you said, ‘Yeah, Chris, I need that.’ But, you didn’t. I don’t have super powers, you know.”

“But I’m telling you, you should have known.”

Now ladies and gentleman of the jury, if any of you can prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I should have known someone wanted something yet never took a moment out of their day, for a few weeks, to mention that to me I will bend to your mercy.

But of course you don’t! No right minded person would, yet, it happens all the time. And there is no use explaining that I am not telepathic so, instead, I said,

“Sorry I don’t have the super power you needed. All I have is telapathy. The power to know I don’t give a shit.”


2 responses to “Mind Reader

  1. I hope this has nothing to do with the email I just found. I’ve been avoiding my email for like two weeks because mixed in with nice things is an overwhelming amount of bad things.

  2. Not at all. I KNOW what you want!

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