I don’t know why I am the magnet, but, proof is I am. People tell me the most fucked up things. I don’t know what they expect me to do with it but they sure do like to share.

For example, a woman rushes past me to use the rest room. Although we’re not thrilled letting the general public use our rest room, trust me, the alternative is much, much worse.

A few minutes later walks up to me with the need to tell me her tale.

“I just made it! A stream of water came outta my ass. On top of that I’m having my period.”

As I blinked in disbelief that this is my life I said,

“Guess it was like the Bellagio fountains down there.”


4 responses to “TMI

  1. Kind of like a sick little party down there…forgive me for not RSV”Peeing”…


  2. gives graphic new meaning to the British phrase of “bloody piss off!”

  3. Oh man, this is just f’ing unbelievable! You’ve got great new stuff:) Where have I been?

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