March 15, 1968 – August 12, 2009

Goodbye Rangoon.


13 responses to “RIP WBCN

  1. Duane Ingalls Glasscock

    Have you ever been boned up the ass for being a fuckin’ wise guy?

  2. No, but I have been phoned in Upton, Mass for being a lucky wise guy.

  3. I spent the night in Lynn.

  4. Or was it Shirley?

  5. Here are the last four days of WBCN.

    I know there are very few people who come here who give a shit about Boston radio, but, to those who do, it’s sad to hear it fade out for the last time.

  6. Dude! Thanks for that link. 🙂 What a blast from the past to hear some of those voices again. That little “boutique” I worked at in the late 70s … we always played BCN there. The Chucka Lucka Ducka La Show. It took me way too many years to realize that the hilarious Billy West was that wicked funny dude we used to listen to on The Big Mattress.

  7. David,

    Instead of “blast from the past” might I suggest “what a flashback” is the appropriate phase.

    This Charles Laquidara compendium might interest you.

    ‘Wichi tai-tai, Nee-mo-wah. Wo-rah-neeka, wo-rah-neeka. Hey-nay, hey-nay, no-wah…

  8. Boy, do I wish Charles was dead so he could roll over in his grave:

    Another Flip Coming, At WBCN/Charlotte

    September 4, 2009: WBCN/Charlotte is on its way to becoming “America’s Talk,” reports the Charlotte Observer. Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, and Jason Lewis, formerly of crosstown WBT, are among the planned lineup as the station moves from a simulcast of Sports clustermate WFNZ to conservative Talk.

    “We feel that Charlotte has never really had an alternative when it comes to News/Talk,” WBCN OM DJ Stout told the paper. The revamped WBCN will be going up against Greater Media’s WBT in the Charlotte market.

  9. Okay, now my youth is officially dead.

  10. Sorry, even here you sometimes get reality.

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