Comedy Movies

I received an email from some stranger. That’s not too unusual. I just wish they’d stop talking smack about my dick.

I get others asking questions or commenting. They ask about writing or comedy or comment on my writing and comedy. If the comments are any indication, many more people hate me than anything else.

This one wasn’t really one of those but got right to the point.

“I’m collecting a list. What are your favorite comedy movies?


I checked to make sure this email didn’t originate from Nigeria (they are tricky) but it still bugged me.

The email address didn’t give me any clues, no business address, no discernable name. No reason for asking me for such a list.

But it also intrigued me. So I figured I’d answer.

“Because you asked so nicely, here’s my list of favorite comedy movies (in no particular order):

Blue Velvet
Silence Of The Lambs
Rosemary’s Baby
Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Henry: Portrait Of A Serial Killer
Schinder’s List

Glad to help!”

I’d forgotten about this. Just another response in my day of responding to randomness. About two days go by and I get another email.

“CAN YOU READ??????? I said COMEDY movies. Can you submit again? COMEDY movies. This is important!!!!!!”

To which I replied,

“Thanks for inquiring and, yes, I can read. And I clearly read the words ‘comedy’ and ‘movies’. Can you read? My list is filled with classic examples of the most hilarious movies I’ve ever seen.

If you don’t like my list don’t use it in your important project. BUT, comedy is subjective so, in the future, do not make fun of the comedy loves of others.”

Think he’ll be getting back to me?


7 responses to “Comedy Movies

  1. Good thing he didn’t ask you for a list of your favorite romance movies…

  2. It would have been the same.

  3. Really? You wouldn’t add in Jodie Foster’s “The Accused” as being a great romance film? Or “I Spit on Your Grave”?

  4. Okay, maybe I would have to do some editing but no one can say Silence wasn’t a wonderful love story.

  5. Dude, well, Silence was just incredible, a romantic comedy classic. boy meets girl, boy wants to devour her….very poignant when girl loses boy at the end.

  6. Great post – Just subscribed to your RSS feed.. Thanks

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