A Little Tweak

If ya ever wanna fuck with a Deadhead (I know there aren’t many left and there should be even fewer but go with me here) it turns out to be rather simple. BUT, one little thing has to be in place. They have to say a sentence similar to this,

“Dude, I’m gonna see Ratdog at the Casino Ballroom Friday.”

For the uninitiated, Ratdog has members of the Dead so are considered gawdhead to these heads. So, if you are ever as fortunate as I, and one of these patchouli scented bastards mentions Ratdog, to get them to go all wobbly in front of you, say,

“You know, Ratdog is Godtar backwards.”

Sure, it may only be seconds of fun for you but, for them, it’s hours of cosmic debris.


One response to “A Little Tweak

  1. I can just see that stoned look of “Dude….what?”

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