It’s pretty obvious I’m not the brightest person in the world. I pretty much pinball my way through life having misadventures and foibles. Some harmful others pretty benign.

But, for lack of a better term, I do bore easily. It’s not that I can’t stand there for hours and listen to someone prattle on about an issue. It’s just that, pretty much at the starting gun, the potential for boredom is there.

It’s the mundane ululation of most conversation that gets to me. People don’t converse any more, they lecture. If it’s something they’re interested in, such as a new hobby or recent adventure, I can hang with that.

But, most of the time, it’s not. It’s a complaint, lament, whine about a
subject that, although they care deeply about, I don’t give a dead donkey’s dick about.

It was one of these monologues that caused me to drift off into that
world where words and ideas jumble in my head in an attempt to sustain a state of awareness.

A place where words and phrases (such as dead donkey dick) flitter around my head while my eyes are focused on the muted mutation palavering in front of me. And this is when the ugly happens.

I was listening enough to get the gist of the talk. They were so inept at a situation things went wrong. But, of course, they couldn’t take the blame so spent more time finding someone/thing else to blame than it would have to repair the situation on their own.

Things were going well until he startled me by asking what I thought. I was not prepared for that so said the first thing that popped into my head.

As you’ve no doubt witnessed if you’ve stopped by here a time or two, that usually makes the other person very unhappy with me.

I’m proud to announce my streak is intact. The phrase I uttered did indeed upset this person causing them to say bad things to and about me as they stormed off.

“So, Chris, how do you feel about this?”

“I am traumatized by your mediocrity.”


7 responses to “Bored

  1. what a great response!

  2. *yawn*

    …never made it to the end of this one.

  3. I smiled really hard before I yawned. And it was MTAE’s yawn that made me yawn anyway …

  4. But I actually liked this post too, cuz I do a lot of “listening-to-stupid” and watching my mind wander while doing so. Unfortunately I don’t usually come up with the zinger til a couple hours later. Most of the “work” is in making the proper faces to convince chatty cathy that you’re listening most intently.

    You really have to wonder WhyTF it is that these gabby mcyappertons have to know what the audience thinks at the end of the monologue. Maybe it’s just more grist for their mills … so that when they tell the next yutz their story they can report earlier acclaim/ridicule?

    In conclusion, I don’t consider this defensive mind wandering to be boredom per se. It’s more of a shield to prevent the forceful evacuation of one’s spleen through one’s right earhole, which is the subconscious goal of the ancient witch of Russian lore, blabla yada, known in Amerika as the Idiot Wind.

  5. LOL!! “traumatic mediocrity”

  6. > I smiled really hard before I yawned. And it
    > was MTAE’s yawn that made me yawn anyway
    Yeah, he’s a carrier, that one.

    > blabla yada
    I learn something new and unusual every day.

    I agree. They’re looking for affirmation to shore up their weak ass case. I’m sure there are people who will show mercy to any random idiocy that comes past. I don’t have time for indignation I’m too busy being painfully amused.

    I have a neighbor who can become appalled at the drop of an innuendo but stupid’s stupid. If I gave shrift to every random fuckwad to spew vapid inanities my way in a day I’d have no time for my hobbies.

    Blinking and thought screaming.

  7. I think the wandering thought thingy is one’s brain’s way of protecting itself from imploding. There is only so much sensory stimulation that one brain can absorb at any given time, and sensory overload is fairly common, but the brain, in its infinite wisdom (at least in SOME cases), screens out the unwanted crap in self preservation.

    Some people screen out the necessary data that they really should be retaining–i.e. take a bath daily to avoid B.O. and offending; dental hygiene frequently to avoid halitosis and offending; close your mouth when breathing and use the nose on your face as God intended, etc.

    Some people just need more guidance to determine what should be retained and what should be screened out. Perhaps there is a lecture series on this…

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