The Water’s Fine

The way it’s going, July may make a bigger spalsh in the death pool than June:
6/3 – David Carradine
6/18 – Ali Akbar Khan – Hindustani classical musician
6/23 – Ed McMahon
6/25 – Michael Jackson
6/25 – Farrah Fawcett
6/28 – Billy Mays
6/30 – Harve Presnell – singer/actor

So far:
7/1 – Karl Malden
7/4 – Allen Klein
7/4 – Steve McNair

Whose next? Step right up for an extended nap!


10 responses to “The Water’s Fine

  1. Patrick Swayze. 😦

  2. Barney Gumble too…passed out and choked on his own vomit.

  3. Yeah, Patrick Swayze is totally next. He looks so00 bad, poor thing, and they cancelled the TV show he was going to do. I really think he’ll be next.

  4. Walter Cronkite.

  5. Could you add this as a page so I can come over here and be the first to announce when someone is dead? It’s kind of a thing I like to do…

  6. I’d love nothing more than that. I’m always looking for a death guard for the dead pool.

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