Warning For Dyslexics

I bet the crime rate among dyslexics is very low in Russia. The reason shown in this exclusive Bound & Gags photo taken by our only international photographic correspondent, Scott Randolph, is the warning they offer dyslexics as to what they will become in their life of crime goes awry, as it always does (crime does not pay, ladles and spoons), and they end up in prison.

For those of you who ‘don’t get it!’ please, don’t comment that you ‘don’t get it!’ You’re just not one of the chosen few I guess. But, to make you feel included in this club and so I don’t have to hear you say ‘I don’t get it!’ we’ve delexiced it for you right here.


4 responses to “Warning For Dyslexics

  1. “!ti teg I”

  2. I needed a mirror, but I got it too!

  3. duh… Mo Ho

  4. Let’s just hope that by the time the dyslexics GET to prison that they don’t get that fuckin backwards too. That would be a REAL mess, wouldn’t it?

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