“Top Gun” Star Gay

Guess who?


7 responses to ““Top Gun” Star Gay

  1. Hmmmph!!!! Those two words (guess who) say enough…not the star we were think of, huh?

  2. My thoughtless, inappropriate, and politically incorrect comment:

    Tom made her go gay. Damn him to Scientology Hell!

  3. @ David–First, you only said what we were all thinking; and , second we’re all waiting for Katie Holmes to come out of a similar closet!

    Third, does Scientology even have a Hell? It’s such a plagiarized, science fiction, wanna-be religion to begin with, and the only positive thing one can say about L. Ron is that he had enough chutzpah (or ready cash) to publish his belief system. Just because some Hollywood half-wits want to believe that he is a religious prophet, doesn’t mean that I don’t recognize a Gene Roddenberry Star Trek script reject!

  4. Ouch soup, I’m glad I’m not a scientologist or you would have hurt my feeling. 🙂 I think I’m more of a Movementarian.

  5. Does Movementarianism have anything to do with bowel movements? Maybe it should be called excrementarianism…?

  6. I expect that Bart wishes it did. Excrementarianism- crappiest religion ever. Sorry, someone had to say it …

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