I don’t like. . .

. . .when people smile like this. How much do you think I’m not liking this?


This tiny spider, which measures just a few millimetres across, has developed bizarre markings which look just like a smiling face.

The so-called happy-face spider, which is harmless to humans, has evolved to confuse predators, scientists think.

The rare species is found in rainforests of Hawaii.



5 responses to “I don’t like. . .

  1. It looks like a manufactured fishing lure. Freaky.

  2. You have the image upside down. It is actually Feep with a red toupe.


  3. Are you sure it’s harmless? I don’t like it or trust it. It has six more legs than me.

  4. I stood on my head toview the picture upside-down, and it does look like a red toupe, but then there is also a very odd growth coming out of the top of the head, over the toupe. Do you think it is a tumor?

  5. I could have gone through my life happily enough without seeing this. Now… sigh…

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