War, Huh

This man was giving me his views about war. All wars and their reasons. Religious reasons.

Yea! Sit back for another jaw-dropping another episode of ‘Unsolicited Babbling Of A Self-Important Twit’!

He hit all the major attractions,

‘More people have been killed in the name of god than any other reason.’

I guess he’s never seen a Jean Claude Van Damme movie.

‘As long as everything is cloaked in religion no god can stand out.’

Sure one could. Get ’em all together and have them whip out their holy Johnson’s. As usual, the biggest dick wins.

He went on for the full thirty minutes (including commercial breaks) before I nodded and said,

“Yeah, it sure is a god eat god world out there.”


2 responses to “War, Huh

  1. Whip out their holy johnsons?
    Ha! Made me laugh out loud.

  2. Is it just a size contest, or do they joust with their Holy Johnsons? Because I would pay good money to see that! Imagine it with me, religious leaders from all over the world–the pope, and his posse of bishops and cardinals squared off against Rev Jesse Jackson, Billy Graham, Orel Roberts (what a suggestive first name that one is!), any assorted Bible-thumping, soap-box-standing holy rollers and anyone else who wants in on the action! Anyone who wants to prove that his (or her, because let’s face it sometimes women have bigger ones than men!), who wants to “stand up” and fight the good fight for the sake of their god(s).

    I can see it now…People supporting their religious views by buying viagra, cialis and the penis pump, and participating in the Holy Johnson Joust and Weenie Roast!! And claimimg that God made them do it!

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