It May Be True

Hockey fans may not be smart but they sure are tenacious.


5 responses to “It May Be True

  1. I saw that one too. Hysterical! I’m just pissed we didn’t get to see exactly how long it took her to get all the way to the top.

  2. I do the stair-stepper thing at the gym, too, but, um, usually I’m the only one on it…

  3. She probably has some impressive thighs…

    Montreal fans (only hockey people will get this) understand the intellegence level of Bruins’ fans!

  4. Hey! Hey! Hey, Hab boy! I bleed black and gold.

    But that could just be due to the blackness of my soul and those hourly Goldschlager shots.

  5. WTF? I can’t believe people didn’t start taunting her. I would have, for sure. For the longest time she got nowhere. NOWHERE. And did you notice how around 1:23 or so she took a quick look back and see if she’d made any progress? Hilarious.

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