New Game Show

We visited a place I visited once a week when I lived in the area. It’s been so long I knew I’d know no one. Well, even when I went no one knew me. I’d get out of work, stop in for a couple, not get into conversations and leave. It’s why I liked it. It was a very grew up together, outsiders sort of tolerated kind of place place.

I’m watching the ballgame from the empty side of the bar while my girlfriend talks real estate with the bartender. I wasn’t paying attention. I was sipping my beer thinking my stupid thoughts. This time, what was occupying truly too much of my time was,

“Why would someone beat someone about their head and shoulders? I mean, sure they may be ugly, but is that any reason to smack them around?”

Suddenly my girlfriend asked if I’d heard that. She’s always asking if I hear stuff I didn’t hear. Or pretend not to hear. Six of one. . .

She tells me the guy sitting in the middle of four other guys is talking about the president and it’s turned racial. The guys around him aren’t reacting. I figure this is how the guy gets and they’ve learned not to engage.

I also notice no one, not even the bartender, is making eye contact with our end of the bar. I’ve seen this before. No one wants to acknowledge to strangers they’re in the company of the guy. It’s sad that it has to descend to that but sadder the only response is avoidance. Situations like this remind me of the Eddie Murphy SNL skit, Undercover White Man. I can’t help but to wonder, if we weren’t there, how much different the outcome would be.

When the guy sees he’s getting no attention he starts to exit. The locals slowly look at us to gauge our reactions. I know it’s hard for her not to say something but she doesn’t.

Which leaves an opening for me! I sit up straight with a big, game show smile on my face and say,

“We hope you enjoyed this episode of ‘Rapper or Racist!’ Make sure to tune in tomorrow, same ass time, same asshole!”

3 responses to “New Game Show

  1. I used to not wait to say stuff like that…it explains my ability to really take a punch. Short guys with smart mouths learn to absorb punishment…or learn to be quiet.

  2. True that. There’s a bit here where this guy defended me when I asked a guy if he wanted to bleed or cry. He asked if, with the mouth I have, he really wanted to try me on either count.

  3. I’ve seen that game show a whole bunch. Yup.

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