Amazingly, you don’t find many films with curling or table tennis storylines but when you put them together they make a funky, bad ass movie night.

Men with Brooms

The cartoon ‘The Wild’ had a scene where there was curling that was pretty funny but I didn’t see anything but that clip.

Balls Of Fury

3 responses to “Movies!

  1. I haven’t seen either of these…but I am a sucker for sport (?) related comedies. And I have actually been to a curling match. I grew up close to the Canadian border.

  2. I was captain of the girls’ curling team at my alma mater B.U., one of our coaches used “Men with Brooms” as a training film.

  3. B.U. has one of the most storied curling teams in collegiate history so you must be one hell of a Skip, Soup.

    My girlfriend keeps saying when we retire we’re going to join the Cape Cod Curling Club and annoy a whole new batch of people.

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