It’s hockey night in Boston!

Yeah, yeah, okay, so I’ve seen it a million times. So what.

Slap Shot

A brilliant flick that captures the spirit of the thing.

Then, because I happened to still be sitting near the TV, I figured I’d pull the Zamboni out and clear the screen for an awesome movie I can’t say enough good things about so I won’t.

The Rhino Brothers

I know you most likely haven’t seen it so if you get a chance don’t pass it by. Every character is spot on, every scene grabs you, the entire film makes you feel like you’re at a 4AM ice time.

As a non-movie aside, we were out and the Bruins were on the TV. In the third there was a huge fight. During the action they cut to a guy in a Chiefs jersey. They cut back to the fight where a Bruin has torn off the guys helmet and is giving him a what for.
The announcer gives his opinion of the fight, which is, ‘This is old time hockey!’ Which gives the director a cue to go back to Chiefs jersey guy who stands up, thrusts his arms upward, people cheer, the guy pulls up the Chiefs jersey to reveal a t-shirt that says, “I Hate Peyton Manning!” The crowd roars louder. He turns around, begins to pull the back of the Chiefs jersey up when the director cut back to the fight. All we got to read of his back was the word ‘Too.’
It’s a good thing the director or someone in the control room knew what that shirt said because if they didn’t, right there, a disgusting display, a fiasco really, would have been broadcast throughout the land. Good thing I know what the back of the shirt says or this would be one unsatisfying completion to this story, huh? The back says, “Eli Sucks Too!”

3 responses to “Movies!

  1. “…I figured I’d pull the Zamboni out…” Wow, you do like that movie.

  2. Slap Shot was AWESOME!

    The other movie sounds scary …

  3. Yes, I spend too much time talking about Slap Shot. A friend of mine, Ken ‘Toe’ Blake, runs a great Slap Shot site where he does fundraising auctions using Slap Shot memorabilia. I don’t think he has an auction up now but he does have a video of Paul Newman thanking him and pictures of him in the actual home and away jersey’s Newman wore in the movie.

    That proves he has less of a life than I.

    Rhino Brothers opens with the penultimate hockey mother scene and keeps that level for the entire film. So, I guess some of it could be scary but if you’ve been anywhere near a rabid hockey (or just about any sport) family this movie rings so true.

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