Do you find your mind racing? Do you find yourself starting one conversation but ending another? Have you ever felt brain locked? Do you think your thoughts are driving you crazy?


There’s nothing wrong with you! You’re perfectly normal! You’ve just had a big heaping helping of Brain Spam!



4 responses to “Relax!

  1. Euw. I thought it was just because I have four kids.

  2. @ Elena– It’s not the quantity– any number of kids will do this to you!

  3. if all the answes to those questions is YES.

    …I thought you only kept anchovies in your pocket…

  4. @ Elena– I think any number of kids can have this effect on one. Especially teenagers. I hate teenagers more than family re-unions, rap music, and political and/or religious discussions. right now I would enjoy a good old fashioned family re-union where all my elderly, conservative relatives try to convert me to their political/religious preference and all my younger, liberal relatives try to explain why the word music follows the word rap (that is an obvious oxymoron to me), and how socially relevant the lyrics are for our family (huh?), and how “ghetto” is the new WASP.

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