Someone asked me to staple two pieces of paper together. Truly, one of the simplest chores I can think of. While I’m in the middle of pressing with less force than it takes to squeeze jelly out of a doughnut, the guys says,

“You should get one of those new staplers. You don’t even have to push. Just stick paper in and it staples it together.”

The fact I was standing there with his papers held out since he said,

“You should. . .”

Doesn’t seem to matter. I know it also doesn’t matter that what I just accomplished was the least effort I’ve put into anything at least all day and possibly all week.

Oh no, wait. I wrote this bit.

It did get me to thinking about what other useless shit is out there making simple tasks. . .I don’t know, simpler doesn’t seem like the proper word. Easy enough for my customers to accomplish, does that work?

4 responses to “Stapling

  1. Our mail room attendant had this moisture stick to wipe envelopes instead of licking them…hopefully she did not take it home at night for non-company use.

  2. As I’ve told my wife on more than one occasion you should never begin a sentence with the words ‘you should …’. Bad karma.


  3. Very strange for someone who was able to motivate you to do the stapling for him to suggest even better ways for YOU to do the task.

    Yes, bad karma!

  4. The local college library has an electric stapler AND an electric three-hole puncher! My hard-earned tuition dollars at work!

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