Bug Boy

Much has been made over the years about this project. It’s been a long road to nowhere but it’s been a fun road.

Some years ago my pal, the previously mentioned Singing Office boy, Ed Nyahay, and I were talking. He was looking for something for him and his friends to pitch. Knowing Ed and listening to stories about his friends we threw a few ideas back and forth. I told him I thought I had an idea and would get back to him. That idea turned out to be Bug Boy.

I know most of you don’t know Ed, but, trust me, he IS Bug. I put little things into the character I knew Ed would run with and, not surprisingly, he did.

But, as I said, it was a long road to nowhere. No matter how good the reaction has been, we just couldn’t get the project off the ground. So Ed decided to shoot some footage to show the world what they’re missing.

And, for the first time in the digital world, the footage Ed and his crew shot is available worldwide. It’s mainly Ed working through the character and giving him a little back story. The scripts written and some of the things said about them, can be found here:


For the character development and to see some of what makes Ed Bug, check out the saga:

Episode 1 Part 1

Episode 1 Part 2

Episode 1 Part 3

Episode 1 Part 4

Episode 2 Part 1

Episode 2 Part 2

Episode 2 Part 3

Episode 2 Part 4

The oddest reaction I’ve seen to Bug is from kids. They love him. I guess that’s the essence of Ed: Frightening to some, frightening to some more.

A quicky story. I was meeting someone in a restaurant in LA. Ed was dropping me off but came in to meet the guy. We chatted for a few minutes before Ed said goodbye. Just as he reaches the door to leave I called out,

“Ed.” He stopped. “Bug.”

And he went into this spastic, flailing, dance for a few seconds. The restaurant stopped. He finished, looked around with his darting eyes and bopping head, then said in that creepy horror movie kid voice,

“Bug Boy.”

And vanished.

No one moved for a few seconds then everyone laughed and chatted about what they’d just seen. While they were doing that all I could think was,

‘How could anyone else be Bug Boy?’


2 responses to “Bug Boy

  1. I’m going to have to watch these! I read the script awhile ago and it was very funny. It’s too bad it never got made. Would have made a fortune.

  2. Hey, Don! Nice to have you back. Hope the healing is going well. Thanks for the kind words.

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