And here I just gave my last one away:

A seventeenth-century antidote to idiocy was to rub the forehead with beaver testicles.



8 responses to “Damn!

  1. Does that antidote really work? Because I’ve got family full of people who need this done to them. Where can I get some beaver testicles? I’m going to need oh, probably three dozen.

  2. Do you think skunk testicles will work just as well? I’d rather use skunk testicles on them if possible.

  3. infernalcthulhu

    I’m thinking it was less a cure for idiocy as it was a thinly disguised test for idiocy. If you rub beaver testicles on your forehead its proof that:
    a) If you are stupid enough to rub testicles on your forehead, for any reason, you must be an idiot.
    b) If you are concerned enough over whether or not you are that stupid, then yes, even having to ask the the question would probably prove that you are an idiot.
    c) Either taking the time to track down a beaver, or spending the money on a beaver or it’s testicles in order to rub it’s testicles on your head ALSO proves that you may be a moron. Also that you have plenty of free time because you’re most likely an unemployable retard.

  4. I think infernalcthulhu has hit the idiot on the head so, Wendy, feel free to use any animal testicle available. So, skull skunk ’em.

  5. I say we use Michael Jackson’s testicle.

  6. Or his ovary, whichever we can remove first.

  7. With Michael Jackson, how could you tell if it was an ovary or a testicle?

    And for that matter, the way he grabs his crotch all the time, (whether he’s dancing or not!) I’ve always figured that his package was so small he wore an augmentation appliance and that it was slipping and he felt the need to constantly check its position!

  8. Augmentation appliance!?! WTF?!?

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