I Will Not Serve

No matter what the newscasts say:


Hope everyone has a safe and happy 4th.

It’ll be a good one for my good buddy, Bob Ventullo. He’s back!


Oh, you people scare me.

DAMN! I may be the catalyst for why you’re here but you people are fucking scary. Nonetheless, never let it be said I don’t do requests.





12 responses to “I Will Not Serve

  1. where’s my yard sign?

  2. and my bumper sticker?

    Sign me up.

  3. well, if you up your standards, just don’t tell us to up ours!

  4. Welcome home, Bob the Man.

    As for the sign —

    interesting question.

  5. BIGGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I’m still not accepting the office.

    But, if I did, I would, let’s just say, entertain offers (by that I mean I’d take bribes – just so we’re clear) for cabinet posts.

    Sorry, but the position of ‘Telling People Not To Chew With Their Mouths Open (Potato Chip Division)’ is going to Bob The Man. I feel it’s the least we as a nation can do for him.

  7. @BTM– Thank you, and welcome home.

    @B&G– You can run, just make sure that you’re running the other way! And if you want to serve, you may serve me! A cold one, please, garcon’!

  8. Big thanks to Bob!

    B&G ~ WHEN you are elected I want dibs on the Secretary of Justice spot. Pleeeeeeease!

  9. Secretary of Justice sounds just fine but, you’ll have to wear a cape.

    I spent a couple of hours with BTM. Looks good, none the worse for wear (he always was an ass). He’s glad to be home. He’s going on a vacation and then who knows. There is a chance he’ll be deployed again August ’09. He says thanks for all the well wishes.

  10. I can work the cape into my ensemble, but I also want to carry a really cool sword. It is fitting for those in power to have the proper tools for the job.

    Next time you see BTM, give him a big ol’ girlified hug, lingering a few seconds past the point of comfort. When he prepares to offer you a beat-down. Just tell him it was from me. 😀

  11. You neeed a sword, a light saber, a tri-corder, and a utility belt. Still want the job?

  12. I’d get the bumper sticker, but I have one now that says I LOVE URANUS…

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