B&G Movie Night

A rare night alone! The famdamily is at a show so it’s just me, the cats, and my own devices. What’s a boy to do? The Red Sox, after celebrating the recent Celtics championship, were in rain delay; there was nothing else on that interested me; I’d listened to the X-pensive Winos recordings a friend sent me over dinner, hmmmmmmm.

I got it!

The First Maybe Sorta Could Potentially Be Annual B&G Movie Night!

But what’s a boy to watch? Drama? Comedy? Action? Dramedytion?

It took a little while but I figured I’d drop in a little local flavor and see where the night took me.


After that, I was in the mood to push the bounds of comedy a little further.


Where to go after that? I guess we know where I’d have to go. Further!


By now it was getting late so I thought I’d put on a feel good sports flick.


That didn’t quite work out the way I’d hoped. I really should read DVD boxes. I couldn’t get to sleep so what now? What will help get me to sleep? Hey, how about a documentary on the Golden Gate bridge? That should be calming. 


Oh, I don’t think being left to my own devices is such a good thing.

Seriously, I’ve got to start reading the packages.


8 responses to “B&G Movie Night

  1. Looks like a great assortment! I’ve seen #2 and #3. Sarah Silverman was awesome in The Aristocrats. I want to have her babies!

    Your other selections look good too. Except for Murderball. Nothing worse than wheelchair mayhem in my book … Probably you were longing for Rollerball (the 1975 version with James Caan). Anyway I hope you had a fun Annual B&G Movie Night!

  2. There’s always you tube

  3. Have you seen Silverman’s Jesus Is Magic?


    If I had it it would have been on the list. Very funny.

  4. Aah, wheelchair mayhem, or the good ole days at the nursing home!

    Silverman is a piss, but I have to be in the right mood for her. Sometimes she strikes me as funnier than others, but not always. Maybe she’s a cult thing.

  5. Yup, seen Jesus Is Magic and loved it. Her TV show is great too. It’s like Seinfeld, but more pain. She’s just so dang cute!

    Of course you must’ve seen the “I’m Fucking Matt Damon” video, right? And her man Jimmy’s response to it?

  6. Those bits were so great I even put them here!

  7. Shit! That’s right. It was your blog where I first found Sarah’s video. Thanks again for that! Sucks getting old and uh, you know, that word for when you can’t remember shit??

  8. Thanks for reminding me I need to see the Aristocrats. I kept missing it on HBO and then I forgot about it. Thank you!

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