Getting rid. . .

. . .of a bad one night stand:


11 responses to “Getting rid. . .

  1. Jimmy Lee Richardson

    I suppose this is supposed to be funny too? This is fucking stupid. Why do you bother?

  2. Because we care.

  3. After July, that will be me!

  4. If you think it’s so stupid why do YOU bother?

  5. That would have worked for me. Probably would have gotten me to quit drinking, too.

  6. Now, they come out with all the cool stuff, that could have saved me from sneaking out a window.

  7. EEEEEWWWW! That guy is fucking HOT!

  8. @betme–Did you sneak out the window to get away and its was YOUR place? Now THAT’S a bad one night stand or what we used to call a pig in a blanket!

  9. Becky ~ Please explain the pig in the blanket. Is it the female version of a man chewing his arm off to avoid waking his ‘hook-up’?

    As to your question, I see no need to further incriminate myself. 😉

  10. There was no sexual specification; the pig in the blanket was the reason that the other person was chewing off their arm to get away

  11. Doh’ It sailed right over my head the first six times I read it.

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