I hope. . .

. . .this goes on his clip reel.

WARNING!!! Bad language, flipping out, and bugs. Well, one bug but lots of flipping out and bad language.


10 responses to “I hope. . .

  1. Yikes ! But, the station manager likes him because our man with the mic is soooooo passionate !

    And, gets involved with the locals !

  2. Hahahahahahahaha….. That could Soooo be Mr. J!

  3. Yeah, but think of the bug…as it bounces past his lips and gets sucked into his mouth and bangs its little wings against the inside of his cheeks…I’m hearing it say,

    “Fuck, what happened to the fuckin’ lights? Where the hell am I? Shit, I just got sucked into a man’s mouth and it’s fuckin’ loud! Hey! If you don’t want to be here spit me out, get your ass out of my world and leave this country life to me and my fellow bugs.”


  4. Oh! Bad language, bad language! What if the children hear that?

  5. Aw, go eat a bug!

  6. GWHTA: Oh! Bad language, bad language! What if the children hear that?

    Maybe the little nose-picking, whine factories will learn not to eat motherfucking bugs!

  7. And ladybugs, and houseflies, and bumble bees, and centipedes, and pill bugs, and ants, and yellow jackets, and June bugs, and stink bugs, and spiders, and caterpillars, and tomato worms, not just the motherfucking species!

  8. O Thanks so much B&G! That was my biggest LOL of this wonderful Friday!

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