A guy comes up to me and asks if I know where one of those chain hair cutting places is. I look at him askew for a few before shaking my shaved head and saying,

“Do you think I’m the best person to be asking that?”

He blinked a few times before becoming embarrassed. But, I got a phone book and helped him and he must have been happy with my help because, later, he came back to show me his haircut.


12 responses to “Directions

  1. Jesus, you really missed a great opportunity here. You should have told him you always get your hair done at PetSmart.

  2. Oooooooo. That’s good. I was so dumbfounded when he asked me all I could think was,

    “Are you looking at me?”

  3. A GUY not only asked directions, but came back to show you his HAIRCUT?

    He was totally hitting on you.

  4. TOTALLY!!!!!!!!!

  5. dontdatethatdude

    First of all, where were you that he could find you, again? Did you tell him where you’d be or was he a stalker? And he probably was hitting on you, I think. I can never tell!

  6. The same place I was where he could ask me the question. One of the four letter words in my life: work.

    My girlfriend and I were out and this girl came up to her and asked if she could buy her a drink. My girlfriend, because she wanted to let her know the etiquette of buying drinks, said she was with someone. The woman said,

    “I wasn’t hitting on you.”

    I got back from pissing, saw my drink, was told the story, looked at the woman and said,

    “Yes, she was.”

    My girlfriend also has a hard time telling even if it’s a guy. That’s after I told her you’re pretty, so, if they’re talking to you you can count on them not taking a census. I’ve come back so many times only to have the guy say to me, ‘Sorry, dude, didn’t know she was with someone.’

    She disagreed so I said,

    “The only way you’d be able to tell is if they ran up to you and said, ‘Touch it! Why don’t you touch it!'”

    So what is it, guys and gals, how often is it hitting and how often is it you just have the need to part with cash for a stranger?

  7. “Touch it!” ~ An excellent way to know if they are hitting on her.

    I can’t tell myself… I always think people are just being nice. Mr. J always thinks they are hitting on me and I think he has issues.

  8. dontdatethatdude

    I don’t know. If I was sitting alone and I saw someone else sitting alone and I wanted to not sit alone anymore I might offer someone a drink, male or female, to strike up a conversation. I wouldn’t want them to get the idea I was hitting on them, so you have that fine line. Plus who wants to drink alone?

  9. Me and George Thorogood?

  10. Hey big fella, can you tell me where I can get some electrolysis done on my ear hair?


  11. I would probably do just as the girlfriend. Explain I’m with someone, they say they aren’t hitting on me, I allow them to buy me a drink. I like free drinks. I’ve been taught that just cuz someone pays for dinner doesn’t mean I get to provide “dessert.” No means no, right?

  12. Electrolysis on ear hair?!? I do a lot of things, (butt out Hennessy!) but God doesn’t have enough money to get me to do that! Sorry Dude, but that falls into that 10 foot pole range!

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