Important Travel Info

A knowledgeable consumer is a good consumer:


3 responses to “Important Travel Info

  1. Fantastic link. I am planning my next vacation around the prices of Lager.

  2. Well that was interesting, except I don’t know where most of those places are and after my trip to lovely Juarez I’m afraid to ever leave the country again. (The headline in our local paper Memorial Day weekend was “Bloody Weekend Expected.” By Mon. morning the death count was 25.) But if I do go somewhere — and I won’t — but if I do I will definitely use that thing.

  3. At last! Some travel tips that I can really use!

    Now I can show my husband ahead of time approximately how much money we need to set aside for bar tabs when we travel, and give him a better perspective on where all our souvenir money is actually being spent! (“What do you mean I can’t buy that T-shirt because the couple beers we had last night totaled over $100.00?!?”

    And also we can plan to do our big drinking in the cheaper cities, thus saving enough cash to be able to send postcards home to our loved ones! (“You went to __________ and didn’t even send me a post card!! What the hell did you spend all your money on?”

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