You, minion, are too saucy.

People tell me I’m pretty good at coming up with insults and retorts for the various situations in my life. I thank them but, if truth be told, I ain’t no Bard:

5 responses to “You, minion, are too saucy.

  1. Beauty starv’d with [your] severity
    Cuts beauty off from all posterity.

    hahahaha… They really knew how to sling them.

  2. Thanks B&G for that FUN link! Just when I’m thinking of that Python classic “I fart in your general direction …” the “Insult me again” button yields this LOL:

    Thou ruttish hasty-witted nut-hook!

    I wonder what a “nut-hook” could be?

  3. I’m not totally sure but I bet it has something to do with ferrets.

  4. Isn’t a nuthook the thing Chuck Barris invented for the other end of the gong-mallet?

  5. I got a great nut hook from the Christmas Tree Shop! Only $1.29!

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