Cliches Are Good

When people approach me with requests for things I will not or cannot do I become quite steely in my resolve. What I mean by that is I probably know more about what I do than someone requesting my service. That’s what makes me a professional and the people bothersome.

I won’t bore you with the request but trust me when I say it was something that is probably mentioned on the don’t side of state and federal regulations. As often as it happens it still amazes me that people are so intent on not taking no for an answer they’ll stick to their guns no matter how absurd.

“No, I know I’m right.” Someone will stand their ground after my telling them for the last half hour that, in fact, they are mistaken. “I know you have cockfights here. Twice on Saturdays.”

It’s tiresome and I know there’s nothing I can do to hasten them down the wind that is not on the don’t side of state and federal regulations.

What I also find is, once they’ve exhausted each prong of their attack, they tend to go cliche on my ass. Don’t get me wrong, cliches are good. They give people who couldn’t come up with something on their own a snappy retort to rest their haggard mind on.

“Yeah, well,” the guy whose been requesting the impossible for the last fifteen minutes begins. “You just want your cake and eat it too.”

I ignore the obvious statement in lieu of,

“That’s not true. Sure, I want my cake but I’d fuck it.”

See? Cliches are good. I got to top it and he left with these words, the only words I really wanted to hear,

“I can’t believe you’d talk to a potential customer like that. I’ll never be back.”

5 responses to “Cliches Are Good

  1. THAT, my friend, is one excellent one-liner. Kudos!

  2. And he still considered himself as potential?

    I love your stories, your words. 🙂

  3. I think his response was more in line with the hump-backed fuck wit you turned down who asked you dance. The old ‘you don’t know what you’re missing!’

    Oh yes I do!

    Crotch lice and herpes.

  4. That is an excellent response to the most annoying ass cliche in the books. Who the hell does not want to eat their cake?

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