Leaves A Bad Taste

We were with a few people and one started talking about edible underwear. Another women says,

“Ew, they taste like shit.”

I say to her,

“That’s because you’re eating the wrong side.”

3 responses to “Leaves A Bad Taste

  1. OMG , I’m alone and I’m laughing out loud, really loud. I think all the neighbors can hear me because the windows are open. That was so fuckin funny. OH, should I have used the F word? Maybe I better go visit Maxine and go to church. I missed this morning’s service.

    I am buying 75 copies of Wendy’s book for all my relatives. I don’t know if I have that many relatives but I will have Christmas presents for the next 10 years.

    I love her (not in a weird way). I just think she is the most real, true, funny (besides you) person I know.

  2. Oh, hell. I just pissed myself.

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