Boy, Spongebob really will pimp anything.




8 responses to “Boy!

  1. i LOVE spongebob and this made my day. honestly.

    perhaps i’m lame. but I found this all too amusing.

  2. Don’t feel lame. Spongebob is a socially conscious modern example of a truly dedicated celebrity, who while enjoying his notoriety, also feels the compunction to support his fans in their physical, social, and of course mental needs. He is right up there with Rosie O’Donnell(breast cancer awareness), Oprah Winfrey (education and development of South African youth), and Eminem (bringing rap music to everyone whether they want it or not).

    And his cutting-edge cartoon show, while admittedly being the brain-child of a doctorate-level genius of marine biology, is a metaphor for everyday life and should be embraced and revered by all.

  3. @Becky- YOU are lame! Get a freakin’ life!

  4. Hey, Soup, chill! I think you may be in need of, if not both, at least one of Sponge’s products.

  5. Ahh. That begs the question: “Am I sponge-worthy?”

  6. A Brief Character Synopsis on Spongebob Squarepants and How the Animated Cartoon Relates to Everyday Life:

    1). The main character, and hero is Spongebob Squarepants, a modern cellulose sponge, trying to live a wholesome, productive life; he lives in a pine apple, under the sea, his hobby is jelly-fishing, and his job is as a fry cook at Mr.Krab’s restaurant making krabby patties for the residents of Bikini Bottom. He has a pet snail, Gary, and an assortment of friends; he attends Miss Puff’s Boating School and while a poor student, does try hard to please his teacher and obey the Laws of Boating–it’s usually the Laws of Physics and Gravity and Water Displacement that he has trouble with. He tries to be a good person and responsible citizen, but can also be tempted by outside influences, and is not above the occasional straying from decency and moral behavior. He is overall, a modern sponge attempting to return to a more simple and basic time, when sponges were harvested from the sea, and were not manufactured to specific shape and color.

    2). Patrick Star, Spongebob’s best friend, and quite possibly the smartest individual on the show, as evidenced by his ability to play the extremely-low-level IQ’d starfish who lives under a rock. He has an insatiable appetite and occasionally suffers from episodic pica, but his greatest accomplishment is his inspirational physical characterization of the adage “Ignorance is Bliss”. And if it really is bliss, one must decide whether to believe that Patrick Star is either very happy because he is so dumb or tragically stupid because he is so very happy.

    3). Squidward is Spongebob’s next-door neighbor in the underwater hamlet of Bikini Bottom, and no TV sit-com would be complete without the grumpy friend/neighbor character. While the jury is still out on Squidward’s personal life, he is very private and introverted, almost hostile in his everyday relationships, and there have been rumors, (unsubstantiated, but why would anyone say it if there wasn’t a reason?) casting some doubts about his sexual orientation, especially since in extreme conditions (population numbers below the critical extreme), some species of squid have been observed to change from male to female for breeding purposes, and to be able to perpetuate the species. He plays the clarinet, although not well on the show, in his dreams he is an accomplished and successful musician. His modern-day rule of thumb is Murphy’s Law.

  7. Wow. I, for one, am impressed. Here I am thinking there’d be nothing to learn here (especially for me) but I am once again proven wrong.

    Excellent work, Becky! Truly enjoyable. Thanks for putting all that time in.

  8. I didn’t even get into Mr. Krabs (love of money is the root of all evil), Miss Puff (our educational system is failing the students, not the students are failing in our educational system), Gary, Spongebob’s pet snail, who meows like a cat (pets are vital to the validation of human and therefore sponge existence), Plankton (the evil genius), and my personal favorite, Sandy the Land Squirrel (feminism and strong independent women pioneers).

    I told you Spongebob Squarepants is really deep; and anyone who says that cartoons and the people who watch them are lame is simply covering up a lack of intelligence and comprehension. Little kids watch cartoons for entertainment, and these life lessons are imparted to them, painlessly and effortlessly. What an easy and gentle way to learn! I think that the grown-ups who refuse to watch cartoons are afraid of the messages that cartoons deliver, and feel that they are too old, too sensible, too smart or whatever to learn anything from something as pleasant and simple as a children’s animated cartoon show. I think most grown-ups are lame.

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