Do you find yourself with the inability to become aroused by any of our choices for President of the United States of America?

Then you may suffer from Electile Dysfunction.

If that’s the case take Voteagra.



17 responses to “Voteagra

  1. Heehee. I love it. Does it work for women?

  2. a pompous know it all

    The 19th Amendment, granting women the right to vote was proposed on June 4th 1919, but not ratified until August 18th, 1920, more than a year later. So it works for women, just very slowly.

  3. 🙂 Wicked funny! 🙂

    But how do I get a prescription without embarrassing myself?

    I know, let’s all vote for Bob! That oughta do it!

  4. I’m assuming the little pills are blue – if not, it’s a dealkiller !

  5. For me, it’s the electoral college that’s the deal breaker. I don’t see any reason to get out of bed on election day.

  6. I’m voting for the candidate with the biggest pecker. Hillary!

  7. I don’t think Hillary has the biggest pecker, but rather the biggest balls. And she actually already had her term in office, she was the “woman behind the man”. Monica Lowinski was the woman in front of the man. On her knees. Facing him.

  8. I need to order some of these, just to keep on hand in my purse…

  9. @ Becky – Wow, you’re right, your purse does need these. I can’t believe you didn’t already have them. Speaking of your Technicolor Dreampurse, do you have any Seroquel in there by any chance? I just tried these for the first time last night. It. Was. Fucking. Awesome!

  10. Um … I just found out what Seroquel is actually supposed to be for. So let me clarify that by saying, “As an insomniac, I was given a Seroquel by someone who was prescribed them as a sleeping pill. I took it at midnight, slept till 7 AM, and was very, very pleased about that.” 🙂

  11. @ Wendy–Yes, seroquel is my favorite because the chemical name is quitiapaine, and with a quick dyslexic glance it almost looks like “quiet a pain”, and it somehow just appeals to me for that reason. I like to administer them to worthy recipients, who need to quiet down and stop being a pain in my butt! Don’t usually see them being given for insomnia, usually benadryl (sometimes opposite effect with anithistamines and more wakeful then drowsy, depends on individual); ambien or restoril more common, and there is the fairly new lunesta which is advertised as non-narcotic, but like I always say “What the hell good is it, if its NON-narcotic?”

  12. @ Becky – “Quiet a pain” is excellent, especially now that I’ve read the real purpose for this stuff. I don’t really know why my friend’s doctor prescribed it for insomnia, but she’s the second person I know who uses it for this. It was just really nice to sleep a full night without waking up. For whatever reason, the Ambien CR didn’t work for me and I woke up all night long. Benadryl is okay in a pinch, but it leaves me hungover. I can’t stand a Benedryl hangover. Lunesta sounds like a total bust and I’d make out better with the tryptophan scored off a turkey sandwich. Thanks for the heads up, just in case my loser doctor tried to pawn it off on me.

  13. Wendy, another thing to consider is melatonin, a “natural/herbal” remedy that you can purchase OTC in most pharmacies or health food stores. Two guys I know (just happens they are gay and each other’s partners) both take that, different doses though, and report success. I get the hangover feeling from any narc–no drug tolerance what so ever. Took percocet for broken leg once and slept for 14 hours!! My hubby couldn’t wake me up for supper!! You know its serious when I miss a meal! Or my solution for insomnia is to work nights…

  14. Thanks Becky, but I tried the melatonin and had mixed results. I took 5 mg and in the beginning it kind of worked, but then I built up a tolerance or something and it stopped working. But thanks.

  15. So this is pretty amazing. I was blog hopping, in that special way I have, and I found lucky mdk suffering from this very affliction. I’ve sent her over here for treatment.

  16. Thank you, Wendy, for sending me here!

    Bound and Gags, we have more than Urban Dictionary in common … I have that same dumbass reporter who looked up after getting on shit on too 😉 hehe

  17. Great minds! Thanks for stopping by (and thanks to you, Wendy, for encouraging our behavior!)

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