Sgt. Robert Ventullo

One of my best friends in this or any other world is the guy named above. Right now Bob The Man (so called because there is also Bob The Kid) is in Iraq. This isn’t going to be one of them ‘for the troops’ things.

Not my style. Nor his.

But I will tell you he got to come home for Christmas to surprise his family and the local paper did a story on him: 

Because of that article and the celebrity it brought he got out of a speeding ticket. That’s why I’m telling the story. Because, if you knew Bob, you’d know just how funny that is.

Here’s a picture that accompanied the article:


Bob The Man’s the one licking the kids face.

I will, however, let Bob have the last word with something he wrote during his deployment in Afghanistan a few years ago:

3 responses to “Sgt. Robert Ventullo

  1. I am Bob The Man……. =0)

  2. And he approves of this message!

  3. @ BTM– thank you, and hope you had a great holiday.

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