New Publishing Juggernaut!

Yes, The Bound & Gags publishing empire grows by leaps and, well, bounds!

Unlike our last publishing disaster, ‘Stuff That Was In My Cat’ (whodathunk people would be disgusted by ‘Hairball Corner’ or consider ‘Litter Box of the Month’ in poor taste? I’m not even going to talk about the backlash for ‘What’s The Up Chuck?’), we really have a good feeling about ‘Air Guitar World’!


But don’t worry, we’re not a company to put all our picks in one guitar case. We’re also coming out with another specialty magazine for a very covert segment of the government:


Don’t think we’re leaving literature behind. How could we now that we’ve signed one of the top writers in the art of strategy and tactics? But, unlike his last (and only) best seller, we worked with him day and night to tailor this opus to touch what folks are really interested in, complaining:



6 responses to “New Publishing Juggernaut!

  1. Art of Whaaat?

  2. I love the word “juggernaut.”

  3. Jug a who? Did you juggernaut the FIRE in Everett? Well anyway DON’T WAA over it…(ha,ha)….

  4. The Juggernaut,can he or she decorate Christmas tree’s Fast,then I got a JOB that will bring enjoyment, for the Best Juggernaut…(Jugg the Balls and hold the woody-up..)

  5. I love the whole “Litter Box of the Month” section. Would you do a “Pimp My Litter Box”? I’d like to see what a really good designer could do with a litter box and a limited budget.

  6. Very interesting concept there, LWB! It may exceed our meager abilities but if I think of something you’ll be the second one to know.

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