Game Show Proposal

It’s pitch time so here I am, once again, coming up with all my best ideas for television programs. I was asked to come up with a new game show and I came up with an idea that could be a genre killer. I’m not going to waste your time by telling you about it. No! I’ll let the shows introduction do that for me!

 Tonight our contestant will meet a guy he pretended to hold the elevator for which made the guy late for a job interview which lead to him not getting the job and his family abandoning him!

Although our contestant may not even know what he’s done to that man we’re sure he’ll remember Little Suzy. She was the girl he said he’d go to the Junior Prom with only to stand her up and go with her best friend! Oh yeah!

Suzy, not so little any more, is here to let our contestant know what a life of self-loathing and loneliness she’s lead since that faithful night.

And that’s before the first commercial break!

So sit back and watch as tonight’s contestant, Dan McCaffrey, finds out:


6 responses to “Game Show Proposal

  1. … and it will be the first five-hour game show ever!

  2. And the grand prize is… Titanium underwear!

  3. if i was on that show i think it would have to go 24 hours!

    if we could get W on that show it would go 24/7!

  4. Looks compelling. What time ? What channel ?

  5. Will there be cash prizes and trips to exotic destinations?

  6. Will there be bitch slapping?

    This is the greatest idea for a show ever.

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