Starting A Business

Franchises available! Use a touch-tone phone and dial 555-4SCUMMY!

3 responses to “Starting A Business

  1. NICE, How do I get a franchise, or better yet become a member =o)
    After (Not My Uncle)Sam’s been braking my balls for 15 years, maybe now I can enjoy something from him…. =o)

  2. First, bring that envelope of unmarked hundred dollar bills to our office.

    Second, practice on yourself for a week. If, at the end of the week there is no chaffing (as you’d assume that’s quite a hazard in this business), you will be advised as to where to report for your own Uncle Scummy’s!

    Good luck! Jestter! If anyone can pull it off, we’re sure it’s you!

  3. Do you have tea bags and hot water in the waiting room.

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