Vegetative State University

Are you sick of all those higher education places with their insipid rules and demands like,

“Go to class!”

“Get good grades!”

“Don’t do bong hits while in front of the disciplinary board.”

Then do we have a university for you! All you have to do to fulfill your course requirement is frame your diploma! We know you’re busy! We know you have hangovers to get to! So we cut out the middle man and brought the degree to you!

That’s right! Vegetative State University gives you what you want while you give us nothing at all! Even a slug like you can pull this one off!

To get a 8×10 copy of your very own diploma from Vegetative State University just click on the link below and soon you’ll feel the thrill of a college degree without all that annoying work. And isn’t that what life’s all about?

Remember to carry with you for the rest of your days the VSU motto:

The Flat Line To A Higher Power

As a proud product of old VSU we know you’ll want to commemorate your minute with us and wear your alma maters colors everywhere!


2 responses to “Vegetative State University

  1. I believe I was one of the first graduates. Mom was not as proud as I thought she should have been.

    I did really well in “How to fake a coma.”

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