I’m A Nurturer

A woman told me her son’s second grade teacher said he was above average. As a matter of fact, the teacher said he stood a good chance of going to an ivy league school if his mind and body is fed appropriately. She was worried about how much it would cost to get him there but I told her not to worry. I advised that she goes home hands him a gameboy and bowl full of paint chips.

5 responses to “I’m A Nurturer

  1. oh, I’m so disappointed that it’s so short.

    The article, that is.


  2. The nutritional value of Gameboys is sooo underrated.

  3. I’ve munched on a few window sills in my time…

  4. Feed this!!!

  5. I’m hungry enough to eat a Playstation! Those Gameboys are so small and really not filling, and in spite of popular opinion, they do not provide any essential vitamins and minerals.

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