Why, Yes, I Am

It is funny because, as you know, many of the things I write about (even if I use them in a fictional mode) come from life. The other day someone was badgering me about religion. At first I was okay about it. And by okay I mean silently polite. People don’t seem to understand that truly is the best option.The guy wanted a religion from me. Personally, I don’t think it’s a big deal what religion you are as long as you leave me alone about it. I’m not saying I won’t listen to you but don’t ask me my opinion (you probably won’t like it) and don’t try to recruit me. I had one guy start a church and tell me he really wanted me to join. I told him I would if I got the kool-aid concession.

But, I gave in because it was going to be the only way to quiet this guy. So I told him I was religious and I worshiped the lord gawd Sack. The guy looked at me questioningly and I said,

“Yeah, I’m sacrilegious.”



2 responses to “Why, Yes, I Am

  1. Oh holy sister kneel before me and worship what will be up in front of your face.Then again turn and feel the mighty rod.

  2. I can’t worship GOD, because that would mean praying to myself, and that’s just self centered, ego maniacal stuff right there…

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